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Welcome to Gerard Doherty art

Born in Ireland, Gerard Doherty's passion for painting has been reignited in Australia and his works reflect his journey and love for his adopted country.

Gerard held a full exhibition of his works in November 2005 at Bcoz Restaurant Hawthorn, Victoria. Gerard's work has been exhibited at the Mornington Peninsula Art Show 2006 and is part of the Master Works with Artmasters Australia.

Toronto Art Festival

Gerard is currently exhibiting at the Toronto Art Festival in Canada with 5 works on display from October 18 - January 15 2007 as part of the Australian Art Festival. The festival celebrates Australian art and features Australia 's landscape, abstract, figurative, and aboriginal artworks of 14 contemporary artists.

The Australian Trade Commission in cooperation with The Academy of Spherical Arts brings to Canada the wonderful vibrancy of Australian colours through the brush strokes of some of Australia 's established and innovative emerging artists. A first time art exhibition of 14 contemporary artists in Canada, the Australian Art Fest promises to feature Australia 's landscape, abstract, figurative and aboriginal artworks. With creative inspirations varying from that of red earth that composes the Australian landscape to that of the simple joy of the creative process, these brilliant artists unite to represent their nation through the wondrous nature of their medium.

Academy of Spherical Arts John Brunswick Gallery
38 Hanna Avenue Toronto
T: 416 532 2782

Photography by Stuart Milligan